Good morning everyone.  Welcome to the Blog site of Mr. Paul the native English Teacher who lives in Cibubur Indonesia.

It is now more than two years since I started this blogsite.

During that time, I have posted more than 400 articles, lessons and poems and engaged many of you with my knowledge and passion of the English language.

The time has come to expand and I shall be launching very soon online English conversation classes from the Zoom platform.

Classes will be for group participants for 40 minute time sessions at a cost of no more than $3 per session with pre-payment by Paypal.

I think this will be a fun and great way for students learning English to practice speaking up in an interesting way.

Each lesson will be a specific topic and students will be encouraged to speak 80% of the time.

Learning English is the way to go.

Contact me now for further information and prepare yourself for a fun conversation class with Mister Paul the native english teacher.