• I want to stop being blind

And start being kind

To the one woman who’s always on my mind.


I want to show her my deepest love

With a huff and a bluff and a puff.

I’m so sorry if that is not enough.


I want with her to share

Everything.  Everytime.  Everywhere

And I want her to know I really care.


I want to be her closest friend

And never have to pretend

Our relationship can ever end.


I want to kiss her lips

And play with her tits

And hold her hand a little bit.


I want to look into her eyes

And see her surprise

When how much I truly love her she doth  realize.


I want her to know I’m here

And my feelings are heartfelt and sincere

For this and every year.


I want to make her smile

With satisfaction, splendour and style

For more than just a while.


I want to tell her things which are funny

And call her my honeybunny

When she asks for the housekeeping money.


I have written this poem especially for her

With all the meaning that it can infer

And I will never expect an answer.


But I absolutely want her to know

I never want to let her go

Because I love her so.


(I don’t believe, she says, with a tear in her eye

I’m not Rihanna.  So Why?

Because I don’t love the way you lie)


If only that were true,

Then my heart would surely bleed.

I do honestly and truly love you,

You are the one I want and need.


You are worth every conceivable sacrifice

A simple man can make.

Delicious, delectable, adorable, as sweet as spice

Even if your devilishness I beg to forsake.


Mighty men can have their jewels

But I know I have captured mine

A friend, a folly, a foe who stands no fools,

My bright and everlasting good morning sunshine.


She does not enter my world

And she is not a part of my life.

She is just a simple stupid girl

Who I took one day as my wife.


She is but a figment of my imagination

And our souls have never met.

She is the endless ocean of my desparation

And the magnitude of my debt.


She is just a wonderful vision I once saw

With eccentric, exciting, impossible eyes.

A woman, if not a girl i could completely adore

As a deserving sexual prize.


But she does not know my route

Or have any sense of my direction.

She is the passive prostitute,

Not offering any tenderness or affection.


True love is not something to be bought

Or barted for in heartless negotiation.

Forgive that she does not know that solitary thought

Which leads to our physical separation.


She is but a silent shadow

And a ghostly apparition in my life.

Who is she?  Who is SHE? I do not know.

The woman I love is not my wife.


And yet this is a woman I dearly love

With every element of my being.

But all of this, all of it, it is not enough

To compensate the feeling.


In her I have placed the greatest trust

That a man can render to another.

She is the unwelcome recipient of my lust

But sad though I say it, she is not my lover.


I have no idea now what time it is

Or if darkness will fade into day.

But the yearning for her kindest kiss

Will not go away.


This is my oasis,

The pain I must continue to suffer.

Such an existence as this,

Is there not another?


The moment it seems cannot be found

To bridge the great divide.

Two people are together by duty bound

But they are on the opposite side.


Tears now roll down my cheeks

Is a man allowed no shame to cry?

For days that are longer than calendar weeks,

I will love her till the day I die.


And if these words were never written,

Then she would never know,

So much is unknown, so much is hidden.

If it were not for the glow of the Moon Shadow.



Where once the clothes were worn,

The body is laid bare.

And where once the message was solemnly sworn,

There languishes deep despair.


The fundamental foundation of basic belief

Denies no man on earth.

And there is no reasonable relief

For unsustainable loss of self-worth.


Take a moment to look into my eyes

And tell me what you see.

Are you someone so sightless, so more wise

Than the gentle man before thee?


For all these gotten yester years,

The price has been expended.

Far beyond the fields of all my fears

And the mystical mist descended.


When once the voice was softly spoken,

The message was hardly heard.

When just once the unbreakable became broken,

Can say not a single word.


Conscience is summoned to perish the soul

For the sins not yet confessed.

Self-esteem, granted, relishes an ever greater role

For personal pride to repel the tempest.


Hopes of a honourable man are harboured

In this dry and darkened dock.

A world of dreams so brutally barbered

By the  timeless chimeless clock.


Who once was such a gentle man,

Has suffered the forlorn fickle fate.

He who once was a migrant to this distant land,

Has fallen victim to the weight/wait.


Look into your eyes,

Whisper in your ear.

Render that moment of surprise

When I say, I love you dear.


Hold your heavenly hand,

Blow you a kindly kiss.

Wave a magic wand,

Boldly make you  a promise.


Promise to be true,

Never deceive or lie.

Never unjustly challenge or argue

And never question why.


Give favour where favour is due

And never take back more.

Have the will to see things through

And find what you are looking for.


You are the living dream

And you are absolute.

So sensual, so special, so supreme.

So adorable and cuddly cute.


Those who have seen your majestic shape,

Are seduced by its temptation.

Poetry, alas, does merely drape

The fantasy of infinite consummation.


Compliments are rarely given

And never easily earned.

Love is often determined, always driven.

Life itself is both yearned and learned.


Let time stand still

To capture your smile

Because your persona can and will

Fill this world with great grace and guile.


Such praise is expressed

With feeling so sincere.

You are one truly blessed.

I love you dear.



The early evening sun doth set

And cast its silky, serene shadow.

Life goes on but God does not forget

The aftermath of a year ago.


A young boy sits alone on the shore

Looking out to sea.

He has sat there a thousand times before,

Wondering of his destiny.


Beyond the ocean waves, there is a land

Where one day he will go.

Soiled toes push into the silting sand.

Places only he can know.


On that eventful day, the great wave came

And took away his fold.

Left him only his clothes and his name

To pursue the future unbetold.


Poverty for him has no definition

And education no teacher.

But God has given him a prayer, a purpose and a mission

Without parent, sibling, friend or leader.


The bedraggled clothes he wears

Are all his worldly possession.

The thoughts he thinks, the world he knows, he shares

Without any conscience or objection.


You and I, we are that boy

And share his harmonic hope.

Such profound wishfulness for human joy

To set sail upon the boat.


He has heard of the Santa Claus who brings kids presents

And of the man called Jesus who saves.

Here, on this Christmas Eve, sits he, oblivious to condescendence

And beyond the fury of the ocean waves.














































Just to let you know

You are someone on my mind.

Whispered words carried from within an ever evocative echo

And thoughts expressed in kind.


Glory of an everlasting smile,

Devout upon sweet lips.

A woman (and just a woman) no less than a charismatic chil’

Whose breathtaking beauty encrypts.


He who’s touched by a single moment in time,

Becomes irresistibly romanticized.

Solicited by the empathy of a ragged rhyme,

Virtue of which, togetherness is visualized.


Just to let you know,

Your holy glow shines bright on my delirious day.

A radiant reflection in the scorching shadow

And a powerful portal for the one true way.


So much life is pensively promised

And yet goes beyond the grain.

So little is ever earnestly cherished

Within the perpetuity of our reign.


Just to let you know,

You have reached a very special place,

Where such a heavenly woman as you can freely go

And enjoy the sanctuary of man’s grace.


Twinkle are the stars in the night sky

And blessed then are we all by the dolly daily dawn.

The curiosity of our quest is ever to wonder why

From the first moment we are born.


He who wants to be what he cannot

And she who seeks the prize.

For all of life and eternity lest be forgot,

Amen, beyond the deception and the lies.


The bridge of destiny is acquiesced

And a solitary hand is taken.

A woman (and just a woman) so touched, so felt and so caressed

That undying love cannot be forsaken.



A wondrous woman is but a fortuitous flame

Burning brazen, blue and bright.

‘A’ by any other given name,

She is a decorance and a delight.


She is the most fantastic fire

Of this and any new-born day.

Can you see how she dares to serenely inspire

From within both the passion and the play?


The words are rarely if ever spoken

To whom they are really meant.

A living mortal soul becomes tormented, tortured and eventually broken

By the discourse and elasticity of discontent.


Such a burning flame faintly flickers

In the gentle autumnal breeze.

Alas, modesty  taints, tempts and trickers

A humble man to his knees.


She is, for all intents and purposes, the Firegirl

Who no one can know but me.

She is the intelligible irony of a tumbled twirl

And the tantric torch to set me free.


Oh Firegirl, Firegirl, I bellow your name

Because you are who so surely are.

You can burn and you can enflame

This heart and never leave a scar.


This is what a woman does

When she goes inside a man’s abode.

She opens windows and doors, thus

And cracks the impossible code.


There is no smoke without fire

And there can be no fire without a spark.

There is no passion ever without desire

Or an unlit beacon in the dark.


The Firegirl has gone beyond the ritual tinder

And decrees the essence of a dream.

She is oblivious to the chasm of the cinder,

The Firegirl is everything that she doth seem.