Mr. Paul is a native English teacher based in Cibubur Indonesia.  He has lived in Indonesia for the last ten years.

He sees himself much more as a messenger of the English language than as a teacher.  A would be journalist and sports commentator, he was a Solicitors  clerk in law for more than thirty years.

The modern era of technology provides Mr. Paul with the perfect platform to deliver his message to the world about English, using his knowledge experience and wisdom in a positive pro-active manner.

His basic ethos towards teaching is to encourage students to engage  with English as much as possible in daily life and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

In a manner of speaking, Mr. Paul likes to think he is the second most famous person to be born in Stratford upon Avon.  Second only to the uncomparable William Shakespeare.

Poetic Licence is likely to be extended further on this website just as the great man himself took licence with those wonderful and timeless Plays more than four hundred years ago.

Learn it.  Speak it.  Do it!


2 thoughts on “ABOUT MR. PAUL

  1. mima

    Hi Mr. Paul,
    I am writing to ask whether possible from me to have the lesson directly from you?
    I live nearby Cibubur.
    It it is possible, how can I contact you for further discussion.
    Thanks in advance,



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