This is a short dialogue between two students discussing a Sci-Fi book,

The keyword vocabulary of the dialogue are highlighted.

MATT             Hey Lucy, what are you doing?

LUCY             I’m reading a book

MATT             Really?  What’s it called?

LUCY             It’s called Moon Walker

MATT             Is it a true story?

LUCY             No it’s not.  It’s Science Fiction.

MATT             Sci-Fi. Oh I see.  What’s it about then?

LUCY             It’s about an astronaut who lives on the moon

MATT             Sounds cool.  Is it good?

LUCY             Yes it is  but I only read fifty pages so far.

MATT:            Is it scarey?

LUCY             Not really but there are aliens and robots in the story.

MATT             Did you buy it at the bookstore?

LUCY             No I didn’t.  I just borrowed the book from the school library yesterday

MATT             Who’s it by?

LUCY             It’s by Colin Black

MATT             Can you lend it to me after you finish it?

LUCY             Why not! Of course.

MATT             Ok, that would be great.  Thanks a lot Lucy.

LUCY             No problem Matt.  See you soon.


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