This is an English language lesson to describe a circus.

It is timed for about two minutes and aimed at IELTS or TOEFL students for speaking assessment.

The keywords of the script are highlighted in bold.

This is the script:

The circus is coming to town and everyone is excited.

It’s that once a year opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of stunts performed by clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers and even unicyclists.

My Grandma says circuses used to include performances by lion tamers, singing sealions, clever chimpanzees and dancing elephants or tigers.

But such exotic species are best now seen in zoos, safari parks and wildlife anctuaries.

Some can still be seen performing in a more comfortable environment, so it seems, at a Theme Park such as Seaworld in Florida.

Those who care about animal welfare have definitely won the day across the world and the mood swing against cruelty to animals in the circus has been huge even in my short lifetime.

The spectacle of the circus takes place under the canvass of the Big Top which is just a fancy name for a circular covered arena.

The circus ring itself is 13 metres or 42 feet in diameter and it has been that size since it was settled on for a circus of equestrian-horse performances in the eighteenth century by an English cavalry man naned Phillip Astley

The Ringmaster introduces the many acts which will perform.

All are well-rehearsed and drilled down to the finest detail.

The circus show is really exhilarating and engrosses an audience of spectators.

Laughter and tears fill the drome of the Big Top like nothing else.

Of course,Romans, Greeks and other great civilizations had used circular arenas for entertainment for centuries before but the Big Top was the first to go on the move from town to town with a travelling family of performers and exotic creatures.

Today, the circus, perhaps more than any other social entertainment, has had to re-invent itself in the technological era.

It fights for its rightful place as the greatest show on earth against television, internet, video, cinema and many other different recreational pursuits.

The circus family are as well equipped as ever with their own technicians, their own mobile school for childrens education and a ministry for prayer.

In my opinion, the circus is still the greatest show on earth and the show must definitely go on.

I,  for one,  am so happy when the circus comes to town.


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