This is a drafted script for a one to two minute IELTS oe TOEFL talk on a specific topic.

The topic is describing a visit to a friend’s house.

The student will usually be allowed to take a few brief notes about the topic once he has been informed of it.

Speaking on any topic for one or two minutes is always excellent speaking practice for a student of the English language, even if it is not an actual test or assessment.

This is the script:

When visiting my friend at his home, there is a certain protocol and etiquette to follow.

My friend lives with his siblings and parents at a house not far from me and in fact, I often go there.  Not everyday but perhaps once or twice a week and he visits my house too.

His parents are very welcoming and sometimes I feel his home is like my second home.

There are, of course, house rules which must be respected.  Every family has them to a varying degree.

It seems to me there are four things which I need to talk about as I describe a visit to my friend’s house.

The first has to be about punctuality and expected time of arrival.

In my country, it is considered very impolite to be late, especially if it is an invitation to join the family for lunch  or other special invitiation.

It is important to keep in mind that my friend and his family are the host and I am rhe guest.

On a casual visit, it may not matter at all if you are early or late but for a formal occasion, no doubt if you know you are going to be late, always text or call to your host to let them know.

Once you have arrived, it’s okay of course to address your friend by his first name or nickname but certainly not his parents.

It will be most appropriate to address them by the family name (for example, Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Jones).

You can address them as Sir and Madam but that’s way too formal and really not necessary.

The third consideration is Behaviour.

Handshakes or other informal engagements such as clench grasping or high-five/toss are done in conjunction with the polite oral introductions and you must remember again that there are house rules to be followed.

You may be expected to remove your shoes as you enter the house, wash your hands before dinner, dress appropiately and join in prayers at the dinner table, never be ungrateful for what you receive in the hospitality.

The fourth and last thing to mention is about bringing a gift for the host family.

Most of the time, this is not necessary at all but if your friend’s family have invited you to join for dinner, bringing a cake, cookies or some soft drinks would perhaps not be amiss.

The gift has not got to be a token one such as a present or in any way expensive.

A small inexpensive gift will be seen as a simple way of saying thank you for the hospitality.

I am off to visit my friend now.  We are going to do some homework together and play a computer game.

My friend’s father is picking me up.  So kind.

Next week, my friend is going to have a sleepover at my house.

That’s the end of my short speech.  Thank you.





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