This is an English language lesson aimed at students who may be taking a TOEFL or IELTS Speaking Test in the near future.

In this lesson, the speaking practice is to describe a public park in your hometown for one to two minutes.

Practice the following script about the Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa.

The Jephson Gardens are a public park in the heart of my hometown Leamington Spa.

They are one of the most beautiful town parks in the country and have won many prestigious awards.

They are named after Doctor Henry Jephson who established a medical practice in the town in the nineteenth century to help cure people’s ailments with the popular spa water.

The Gardens are spread out over ten acres of farmland on the north bank of the river Leam which used to be owned by the Willes family as part of the Newbold Comyn estate.

They offer splendid views down stream to the corn mill, the priory and the parish church.

In truth, the corn mill and priory are no longer there but it does no harm to imagine as you take a relaxing stroll through the park and sit for a while on one of the fixed wooden benches.

There are many great attractions in the Jephson Gardens.

Pride and Place must surely go to the bloom of the spring flowers  and the sheer care taken in producing the floral clock is highly commendable.

There are two ornamental lakes, one next to the old mill and childrens playground which is used for boating and the other which has a fine mountain at its heart with ducks and swans splashing away on its waters.

For the botanist, there are more than a hundred different types of trees awaiting your exploration.

No English public park would, of course, be complete without traditional tea rooms, a few sculptures scattered about and memorials to remember the founder of the park and those who fought in two world wars.

There are lodging houses at each of the four entrances which afford easy and free access to the park during daylight hours.

As you might expect, the Gardens are patrolled by security and it is forbidden to ride bicycles or skateboards inside or to walk dogs unless they are on a lead with Poop-Scoops at the ready.

The modern era has seen the development of a Sensory Garden, an Aviary with Glasshouse of tropical plants and an Events Venue.

The Jephson Gardens reflects very much a bygone era from the victorian period but is as popular with visitors today as it has ever been.

Although I have moved away from Leamington in recent years, I take the opportunity to enjoy its magnificence whenever I return.

The Jephson Gardens is without doubt a great place to visit in the heart of England.


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