This is an English language lesson to practice sentence structure with simple nouns and adjectives.

Opposites are used to compare the adjectives.

There are thirty sentences to practice.  The sentences are paired together (15 pairs) so that the adjective in the even numbered sentence is compared with the one in the odd numbered sentence before it.

Practice writing and speaking the following sentences to improve your general proficiency in English.


Here goes:

  1. The ball is round


  1. The ground is flat


  1. The boy is tall


  1. The girl is short


  1. The giant is big


  1. The dwarf is small


  1. The school is near


  1. The station is far


  1. The window is open


  1. The door is closed


  1. The man is old


  1. The woman is young


  1. The floor is clean


  1. The room is dirty


  1. The film is exciting


  1. The museum is boring


  1. The game is cheap


  1. The gadget is expensive


  1. The bag is heavy


  1. The feather is light


  1. The cheetah is fast


  1. The snail is slow


  1. The wall is high


  1. The fence is low


  1. The music is loud


  1. The children are quiet


  1. The teacher is kind


  1. The principal is mean


  1. English is easy


  1. Arabic is difficult



All the thirty sentences are written in the singular except sentence 26

Sentence 26 (the children are) shows the plural noun and use of ‘are’ not ‘is’

The last two sentences, 29 and 30, do not require to begin with ‘the’


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