This is an English language lesson to practice using  Present Subjunctive Exclamations.

The Present Subjunctive is mainly used to express importance and necessity.

It can also be used for exclamation.

Remember that the present subjunctive is formed by appropriate use of either a base verb or noun.

Here are some very common exclamations using the present subjunctive:

Rest in Peace!

Bless you!

Excuse me!

God save the King!

Love my neighbour

Come on!

Let’s go!

Let it go!

Heaven forbid!

Perish the thought!

Never say die!

Anything goes!

Live and Let Live!

Do it or else!

Do your best!

Come what say!

Woe Betide!

Cross the road!

What will be will be!

Sleep tight!

Get a move on, slowcoach!

Shut up!

Get lost!

Silly Billy!

Don’t walk on the grass!

Don’t be late!

Look at that!

Brush your teeth!

Another one bites the dust!

Safe journey!

Drive carefully!

Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Told you so!

Allow me!

Shame on you!

Curtsy first!

Pull the other one!

Go with the flow!

Fancy bumping into you!

Open all hours!

Shop ‘til you drop!

As you see, many of the expressions are common colloquialisms and expressions.

Some are also phrasal verbs.

Many of these expressions are titles to famous books and films as well as to songs and newspaper headlines.

There will be a parallel lesson which provides an introduction to present subjunctive and another which explains and shows the different types of subjunctive sentences.


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