This is an English lesson (story) about the cow.

It is aimed at elementary and junior high school students overseas who are learning English as a second language.

Once upon a time there was a cow.  Its name is Miss Steak.

The cow lived with other cows in a herd on a dairy farm.

It liked to eat grass and spend lazy days in the field.

The cow is a very important animal, didn’t you know!

It produces milk for us humans to drink.

The milk is used to make butter, cream, cheese, curd, custard and yoghurt.

Not only that but we get meat from the cow as well to eat.

The leather skin of the cow can also be used to make shoes, bags, jackets and even hats.

Cow dung can also be used as fertilizer to help plants grow.

So there are four things which are used by humans from the cow.  They are milk, meat, leather and dung.

Now the cow has an interesting life.

It likes to eat muesli for breakfast and listen to moo-sic.

It likes to go to Moo-seums and to the moo-vies on a Saturday night.

At home you can often find the cow sitting on the cowch pressing the moooo-t button of the tv remote control.

And I bet you did not know a cow can cownt.

After a while, the hungry cow arrives to the Holy Cow restaurant for a steak-out.

The waiter asks ‘Excuse me Miss Steak, are you ready to udder?’ asks the waiter.



Some words are spelt the same but pronounced differently.

Some words sound similar but are spelt differently.

“Udder’ is the word from which the cow is kept in the abdomen of the cow.  It sounds like ‘order’ and ‘other’.

‘Heard’ is to do with listening and ‘Herd’ refers to a group of cattle.  Both words are pronounced the same.

Steak-Out has a double meaning, meaning that the cow is eating out at a restaurant while also referring to the fact that the cow is watching or being watched in a spy-like manner.

Miss Steak is, of course, the double play with the word ‘Mistake’ meaning an error and referring to the female cow formally by the name of Miss plus Steak which is the beef meat coming from the cow.

We all know that the cow makes the ‘moo’ sound.

The words Muesli, Museum,. Movies, Music, Moot are a ‘play on words’ from the pronunciation.

Be careful not to confuse the spelling of ‘dairy’ with ‘diary’.







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