This is an English language lesson about the cow. The Holy Cow to be exact.

We should all know that the cow is one of the most sacred animals living on earth and as one with mother nature.

It is considered to be the symbol of wealth, strength and abundance.

We should also all know that the cow is most sacred to those of the hindu faith in the asian countries of India and Nepal in particular as well as Bali in Indonesia.

None of us would be expected to know that there is a steakhouse food chain trading by the name of ‘Holy Cow’ with restaurants across the globe.

We might make a paradox between the cow and India because of the sport of cricket but not between the cow and the United States because of baseball.

And then there is Batman and Robin. Did they really say Holy Cow?

It is estimated that there are two hundred and million cows in the world derived from more than nine hundred breeds.

But the number of cows swells to over two billion if you count and include other types of cattle such as buffalo, bison, oxen and goats.

The cow is the source of milk, meat, dung fertilizer and leather skin-hide and is managed on a dairy farm.

From cows milk, we can make butter, cheese, yoghurt, cream, curd and custard.

The technical name for a cow is bovine. It has two toes on each of its four hoofs and an udder beneath its abdomen from which milk is produced.

The cow prefers living in a herd and whiling time away eating grass in the meadows and fields.

The most popular kind of cow is the Friesian which produces on average 22 litres of milk a daty.

Curiously or not, the ratio is one bull for every thirty cows and the baby cows reared by female cows are called calves.

Now it is time to tell you a few simple jokes about cows.

What does a cow like to eat for breakfast?

It likes to eat Muesli.

Where does a cow like to go on a Saturday night?

It likes to go to the moo-vies.

What does a cow like to listen to?

It likes to listen to moo-sic.

How does a cow feel when it gets mad?

A cow feels moo-dy.

What button does the cow like to press on the TV remote control?

It likes to press the Mooo-t (Mute) button

What phrase best describes a cow?

It likes to be both seen and herd (heard)

I hope you enjoyed the lesson about the cow. Be sure to practice telling some of the jokes to your friends.

Thank you for joining the lesson.

Holy Cow! Time is up.



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