This is an English lesson written with IELTS/TOEFL in mind.

The script runs at between one and two minutes, depending how you want to edit it and meets the basic criteria for a speaking assessment in either IELTS or TOEFL.

The topic is to talk about a pair of jeans and what it means to you.

This is the script:

I have a couple pair of jeans in my closet.

They are trousers made from a strong and durable canvass material.

Their colour is dark blue.

Jeans are considered to be casual fashion wear.

In truth, I think they are one thing which never seem to go out of fashion.

They look stylish, baggy or tight, with a belt and rivets while I have to say that ripped jeans around the knees have become a recent trend.

Denim is the name of the material with which jeans are made.

The material comes from the French city of Nimes.

And Genoa, a city in Italy, which is quite close geographically speaking to Nimes, gives its name to the garment.

Yes, somehow, Genoa became Jeans over time but I can’t explain that.

Anyway, from what I know, jeans as we know them today were invented by a German immigrant to California back in the 1860s.

His name was Levi Strauss.

In fact, denim was first used to make tents but when a Californian gold miner came into the store and asked for a pair of jeans to be made from denim, the commercial history of jeans pretty much took off from there.

You could say that it happened more by accident than by planning.

Jeans for me are very comfortable to wear and I really enjoy wearing them.

They are certainly something which help me express myself and are in my top ten as a fashion statement.


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