This is the story of a young girl with whom I am acquainted in Indonesia.

Her name is Evangelina but she is better  known as Evi L and she is certainly no angel.

Evi is twenty eight years old and lives in the overspill town of Cikarang to the east of Jakarta.

She is largely uneducated having only attended primary school until the age of nine.

Her mother was and still is a common prostitute, though these days, she masquerades her sexual activites through massage work in the local parlour.

Evi is not untypical of many girls in sub-culture Indonesia who were partly raised by grandparents and has no idea who her father was or is.  Nor does she care to know.

Evi is best described as a chumpy, cheerful lass with a sensual smile but lacking in creditable charisma and is certainly no raving beauty.

Men are dogs to her and it is not hard to understand why she thinks that.

Within her insular socialised islamic community, it is quite common for young girls to get married for convenience, certainly not for love.

The convenience is usually as fundamental as money to pay a few bills or a home for a bed to sleep and may be very short-lasting.

In a moment I will tell you more about Evi and her many marriages and why people call her a sexual assassin.

Evi has been married nine times.  Each marriage was of a short duration.  One only lasted a few hours.

Her victims have included an uncle, a tenant farmer, a science teacher, a taxi driver, a policeman, a building contractor, a government official, a nobody.

Evi is a prodigious man-eater and the men keep coming.

Evi is childless and will remain so because she cannot conceive.  An accident in childhood.

Evi is what you might call a modern day witch with supernatural powers over men but she knows nothing about mixing strange potions, casting spells or practicing magic.

As a muslim, she prays five times daily, wears a hijab most days, fasts and rides a motor cycle with a crash helmet.

She is the ultimate trickster.  Nobody controls her.  Her actions and behaviour seem entirely normal

So how can this be?

Men are lured into her lair and the assassination begins, though not always immediately.

Her reputation goes before her but the application of social media and jungle of fast food restaurants provide the wealthy forest for her predatorial antics.

In truth, nobody can say she kills men with intent and many die, it is said, with a wry smile on their face.

Some local folk suggest Evi is sexually diseased and transmits the disease in a dog-like way, not dissimilar to rabies.

One thing is for sure.  Evi may be crazy but she is not mad.

Evi L is the wicked witch who never stands out from the crowd.

Behind closed doors, however, a husband does not know what he is letting himself in for.

Now you might wonder how I am acquainted with this girl.

And that is a very good question.

No, I have never sought to get acquainted with her mother and nor do I have any intention whatsoever of proposing marriage to Evi.

Not under any circumstances.

Let us just say for the record that she is not my type.

I know Evi because, believe it or not, one of her jobs (and she does have more than one) is that she is a domestic helper (home help if you like or what indonesians might call a live-out maid or assistant) for one of my friends who happens to live in the Cikarang area.

And it is my friend who shared the details of the life story, such as it is, of her domestic helper.

The fact that she has social acceptance for gaining local employment and being a good muslim provides the perfect social endorsement for Evi L to go about her business.

Her next victim lies in wait.


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