This is the true story of one day when I went to a Starbucks coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee.

What happened leads me to say that Starbucks Sucks.
I am no fan of this American coffee chain as the recount of my recent visit to the Starbucks  coffee shop will relay.
First, I had to wait 15 minutes to pay for a coffee with cash because their machines were down and they could not somehow override the system manually.
Secondly, they even wanted me to pay for the coffee with a debit or credit card because there was a queue behind me and I was apparently responsible for that but I do not know how or why.
Thirdly, they did not serve the coffee immediately but wanted to know my name as well before making the coffee. They said no name, no coffee.

I told them my name was X.
Next, the coffee was served in a plastic cup which appalled me for the fact that I was paying almost 4 US dollars for one cup of American coffee!
I decided to return to my car nearby to fetch a mug for them to serve the coffee in that.

They refused. They said it was against Company rules and would count as an outside drink.
Needless to say, the coffee, when I got to drink it from the plastic cup, was not piping hot as I wanted.  It was a case of take it or leave it, so I took it.
I proceeded to pour the coffee myself into the mug at which point a staff member asked me to leave the shop.
When I sat down to drink the coffee at a table, a uniformed security man came over and prompted me to leave immediately.
At no time was I impolite to the staff or had I made an undue fuss.
There was also no available coffee refill, unlike at McDonalds.

I did not even contemplate a refund.

I clearly made the wrong call that morning.

Starbucks really sucks big time!

And that means both their service and their coffee!

No wonder they call the coffee shop Starbucks.

They put American stars into the eyes of their customers with big bucks and then serve them coffee with little beans.

Thank you for reading my story.


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