In the true free world, the frontiers of nations are not defined by imperialists, soldiers, merchants or politicians but by mountains oceans and rivers where God lets nature take its course to look after its own.

Humanity must learn again the benefits of free trade, the virtue opf cross-border enterprise, the worth of commerce and an appreciation of every commodity God has given mankind.

Nobody is free until they have experienced the ignominy of the .shackle life itself has put upon every one of us.

We should not be fooled into thinking or believing that there is a way to avoid the shackle.

Because there is not.

Rules, regulations, conditions , laws and social constraints such as caveats and warnings, lay down the parameters of what we are able to do as individuals in a civilized society in our daily lives.

We are assured and reasured that they are for the common good because we are members of the human race which creates a society in which those paramaters are necessary to ensure conformity, compliance and a conventional mindset.

The shackle is not a physical restraint but we are aware of it in everything we do and it cannot be ignored..

We can only be truly free when we express our absolute faith with total openness and conviction without recourse to religious retribution or labelling, Inter-national meddling or manipulation.

The Shackle is the ultimate non-visual icon.

We  can read signs, follow instincts, be guided by our elders and embrace an education which puts down stepping stones for our pathway through life.

But in the true free world and in the twenty first century, the mere existence of the shackle is the only thing which ushers the way forward for peace on earth for us all.


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