The aim of this English lesson is to look at the characteristics and personality traits of the ideal teacher.

The lesson is written and prepared with IELTS and TOEFL in mind.

Well, the ideal teacher should be able to teach and have a command of his subject.

Many teachers are knowledgeable but not skilled in the teaching method.

The ideal teacher should be well-presented in his appearance, dignified, self-confident and respectful to the students.

He should be disciplined and principled but not too strict so as not to intimidate or unsettle a student.

It almost goes without saying that the ideal teacher should be prepared for the lesson to be taught, be adaptable and flexible, willing and able to review both the lesson method and material afterwards to seek further improvement of it.

The method should be clear and concise in delivery of oral and written expression.

Not all students progress at the same pace or in the same way,.

So the ideal teacher must show patience and perseverence to gain positive results, motivate and inspire the students to raise their level of achievement in the learning process while being able to handle a classroom problem as and when it arises.

An ability to collaborate with other teachers, parents and school administrators in the face at times of adversity is an absolute must.

Needless to say, you should expect the ideal teacher to enjoy teaching and to be engaging and motivational to the students.

The ideal teacher is so much more than just a teacher.

They are a lecturer, a communicator, a guardian, a counseller, a leader, a role model, a messenger, a character builder, a moralist, public service official.

The ideal teacher must demonstrate teaching skills with an effective method and an engaging personality, without which, the students attention and respect will not be gained.

Nobody says that the ideal teacher shouldn’t dish out homework every now and then or that he shouldn’t come from the same planet as the students in terms of social interests and activities.

Of course, the ideal teacher should use modern technology to educate his students but he should know where to draw the line when it comes to social networking.

In summary, I would say that the ideal teacher should be friendly, capable, empathetic and patient to be an effective agent in the classroom with a reliable teaching method and personality traits which represent dignity, respect and professionalism.


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