My name is Bounty.

Allow me to tell you my story and to introduce you to my seven friends.

Blossom.  Grace.  Luck.  Enchantment.  Harmony,  Deliverance.  Divinity.

Together we sit under the moonlight and the glitter of the super stars glowing bright in the night sky.

We are here to celebrate mother earth and all its bounty.

That, by the way, is how I got my name.  (I will tell you that story another day).

This is not the story of that night, although in part it is, but the story of the wishbox.

Trees are our spiritual brethren and we are truly blessed by the angels who watch over us because we are eight fair maidens worthy of purification and protection for our virtue.

We have spent our day making a wishbox.

The Wish Box is such a simple and basic thing to the function of life.

My grandmother always said to be careful what you wish for because it might come true.

There are so many things in this life which I wish for but primarily health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility are top of the list.

I am still young and climbing the learning tree of this wonderful life.

I do not yet have the wisdom and aforesight of my dear grandmother but I believe one day I will.

The purpose of making a wish is to connect with the forces of nature and hope that it will be granted.

A wishbox is a deeply personal thing.  No one wishbox is alike or similar to another.

It can be a pouch or a trinket or a box or a tin made with any material such as wood or metal or crystal or porcelain.

Mine is made with tree bark and is half the size of a standard shoebox, rectangular in shape and decorated lovingly with rose metals and scented lavender.

I make it with my friends in a hobby and crafts lesson in the classroom at my school.

According to my grandmother, a wishbox needs to be planted in the soil of the earth after a fresh cleanse of rainfall.

No human should know the contents of the wishbox or where you choose to plant it.

The wish itself should be handwritten on white paper and laid flat within the box, layered over with your favourite flower seeds, soil of the earth and a prized possession from which you dare not part but for this gesture you know you must.

Sacrifice and purification are everything at this time.

The spirits of the fairy world will watch over it until it is eventually time.

The wishbox represents the sanctity of mother earth and nature.

Indeed, fire, water, earth and air are the declared powerful forces at work.

To make a wish to the Gods that be is to utilise the nine sacred woods of ash, rowan, apple, birch, alder, pine, elm, gorse, and hawthorn.

Wishfulness is symbolic.

Gingerbread for affairs of the heart.

A copper coin for job prospects.

A silver coin for abundance.

A glove for a difficult task.

A thimble for hearth and home.

A sprig of rosemary for seeking truth.

An entwined colored ribbon for health and healing.

A cinammon stick for happiness and good luck.

An apple for seeking knowledge.

A feather for finding something lost.

An old iron key for protection.


We have listened to our grandmothers, each and every one of us, and have taken care what we wish for.

We have secretly planted our wishboxes and await the outcome.


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