This is a simplified English language lesson about describing a farm.

The keywords of the lesson are highlighted.

A farm is a place in the country where crops are grown in the fields and livestock is kept to produce food.

When I say livestock, I mean animals such as cows, sheep, lambs, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and geese.

You might also refer to them as cattle and poultry.

They produce the dairy and meat produce which is then sold at the local traditional market.

But farms can also be orchards and gardens as well as plantations and vineyards.

Fruit, vegetables, cereal, herbs are just a few examples of what can be produced on a farm.

Livestock graze on pastoral land watched over by shepherds.

Farmland is fenced in to prevent the livestock from escaping and unwelcome intruders such from infiltrating upon the demise.

There are barns for storing hay, farm equipment and keeping the livestock safe.

There is a milking and shearing shed as well as birthing pens and broiler houses for keeping chickens and rabbits.

There are also Greenhouses scattered around.

Farmhands labour around the clock and occasionally find romance with the farmers daughter or the milk maid.

Farms can be simply run as a smalll subsistence farm only to provide a living for the farmer and his family..

They can run as a co-operative with other people, a bit like a community venture or they can be run as a big business farm factory.

The success of farming depends on irrigation, cultivation, climate and technique.

An educated  farmer understands the laws of nature and the four seasons of the year.

Farming is a labour-intensive job, much less so than in the past with the hand held hoe and the harnass of the buffalo or oxen with the plough but nevertheless intensive just the same with the mechanical tractor and combine harvester.

Farming has, of course, entered the twenty first century and embraced technology like never before.

Museums exist to educate and create public awareness about where food really comes from and to give that unique experience of  life on a country farm to a city dweller.

There are petting zoos too to provide a hands-on experience to life down on the farm to young children and a chance to milk a cow.

And Organic and Hydrophonic farming are a consumer driven trend in not using pesticide or chemicals in the growth process of the crop.

In the modern era, farming is extended to fish and birds in fisheries, ponds or aquariums and aviaries as well as wind and even cannabis farms, whether legal or not.

That is all I have got to say about describing a farm.  Thank you very much.


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