I began this essay by calling it ‘an interpretation of faith’.

As I continued my research and gathered my notes, I realized ‘the sanctity of mother earth and nature’ was a more appropriate title.

Yesterday, I wrote ‘A Contraception by the Power of the Church’.

This essay follows on from that in the context of religious orientation and adherence.

Tomorrow, I propose to write about what I think many people would say is the ‘flip side’ of the global discourse at present  raised against the modern power and influence of  religion.

Today, we have the privilege of religious liberty and diversity.

Ritual, tradition, culture, ceremonialism, all play a part in the practice of faith.

New age hippies, sub-denominational sect members and counter-culture revolutionaries are the honey bees in this cross-pollination.

The concept of what we believe is the essence of who we are for a lifetime.

What we believe is tied to mythology and symbolism by acts of feasting, gift giving and sacrifice

Odd then that we should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the very source of what we believe and why we believe it.

We try to justify what we believe but cannot always explain the ideaology.

Rarely do we dare to challenge the rhetoric of the ancient manuscript.

Celts, druids, wiccans, witches, heathens, masons and pagans are the forerunners of the secularists we are today as christians, muslims, buddhists, hindhus, jews, confucians and even atheists.

Faith has been propelled over the centuries into a religion.

Prophets, priests, emperors, dictators, missionaries and modern day marketeers have all been the messengers of the faith often turned into propaganda and blighted by both beaurocracy and power.

The eight ancient sabbaths remain at the core of human belief and to the sanctity of earth and nature.

Divinity is inseparable from nature just as deity is integral to nature.

Gods and Goddesses represent holyness.

Humans worship holyness.

Worship is practiced through rituals.

Drumming, visual images, chanting, singing, dancing and meditation are ritual practices.

Holyness has been perceived to be about power and wisdom instead of embracing ethnicity and showing respect and reverence for nature on mother earth.

Sacrifices are offered to Gods and ancestors.

The purpose of offering is, after all,, to benefit the venerated, show grattitude, give something back, strengthen bonds between mankind and divine supremacy.

Bread, cake, flowers, fruit, milk, beer, wine are typical traditional offerings with prayers and songs, fused with lit candles and the sweet smell of incense.

If humanity is respectful of nature, then the spilling of human or animal blood for sacrifice is unacceptable in a twenty-first century educated society.

Purification, meditation, fasting, making new promises, vows and resolutions, cleansing, time, light, harvest and caring about those who have passed into the afterlife, are all absolute examples of the practice of human faith.

Spring cleaning goes beyond the a cursory tidy of the home to the puritanical cleansing of the heart, the soul and the mind.

The Catholic confessional symbolises starting with a clean slate each and every Sunday.

Who is without sin?

Indigenous people are known to still practice non-secular beliefs. They have no need of someone to preach to them about righteousness because they live with nature in a way most of us who live in towns and cities do not.

They are joined by millions of others who are part of the global flock and fold, derived themselves from indigenous stock.

These followers have come to realize that conventional religion (and that is what it has become) is not the way forward for them, their children or the future inhabitants of Mother Earth.

There is an alternative interpretation of human faith which does not dividethe human race but unites it and which does not require a religious label.

There is but a thin veil between the world in which we live and the afterlife of tomorrow.

Faith is not about a single defined tradition or wholly about an interpretation of belief but about the recognition of sanctity to Mother Earth and Nature.

It is definitely up to us.  In the free world, we can make a choice.


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