You are invited to tell this story with all the aids of Wayang Shadow Puppetry at your disposal.

This is a puppet show like no other.

It takes a mythical story from Indonesian folklore and tells it in a modern, engaging, entertaining and easy to understand way.

Wayang is symbolic of culture custom and tradition in Indonesia.

The drama of Wayang is alive with wood, leather and shadow puppets enhanced by masked humans and modern technology for your superb entertainment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats please and settle down to enjoy the special show of the Wayang.

You are about to witness and experience the romance of Prince Panji and Princess Kirana.

This is also a Valentines Day story of all time about true love.

Four and twenty years have passed since Princess Kirana of the Kingdom of Kediri was promised in marriage to Prince Panji of the Kingdom of Jenggala.

This romantic tale comes from the folklore of history in east Java Indonesia.

Many centuries ago, Indonesia was a collection of different kingdoms ruled by monarchs.

Princess Kirana was a beautiful princess from the Kingdom of Kediri.

Prince Panji was a handsome prince from the neighboring Kingdom of Jenggala.

For all these years, although promised to each other, the two have never met.

They can only imagine and dream what they really look like, aided by sketches done by artists over time.

Finally the  tme comes when they are ready to marry.

The excited Princess begins her journey with her entourage to the Prince’s palace.

On the eve of the wedding ceremony, the Princess is kidnapped by agents of King Pumpernickel, the monarch of the Kingdom of Majapahit, in fact, the most powerful ruler on the Indonesian continent and in the nusantara archaepeligo.

In order to fool Prince Panji, King Pumpernickel bewitches the entourage and sends along a lookalike substitute, to marry the unsuspecting Prince who makes final arrangements for the great event.

Everything is set until a great storm besieges the ceremony as it is about to happen.

The wrath of the Gods breaks the spell and Prince Panji realizes that he has been tricked.

The perplexed Prince detains the imposter woman who declares that her name is actually Princess Jasmine.

She is apparently promised to marry King Pumpernickel who does not love her because she is not a Jasmine true to her name and of royal blood but a commoner..

Prince Panji now sets out on a long journey to find his long lost bride.

Meanwhile, the kidnapped Princess Kirana refuses the hand in marriage of King Pumpernickel and declares that there can be no marriage between a man and woman without true love unconditionally given.

So who is King Pumpernickel?

Well, he has been rhe ruler of his Kingdom for many centuries from the city of Mojokerta.

He takes his name from the great meteorite which crashed in the plains of Prambanan one fateful night in 1729.

The night he was born.

The determined Princess Kirana administers her escape from the captivity of King Pumpernickel.

In order to protect herself from his pursuits, she is advised by her Gods that she must dress and disguise herself as a man while protecting herself physically and spiritually as the keeper of King Pumpernickel’s most sacred weapon, the Keris, which she stole when she escaped.

The mission of Princess Kirana is to become united with her beloved Prince but word soon reaches her with conflicting information that Prince Panji has married another,  that he has died of a broken heart, that he has been killed.

What is Princess Kirana to believe?

Princess Kirana trusts no one and follows her heart, retaining the faith for the destiny of her whole life.

The stolen but sacred Keris is ritually bathed in fragrances and oils blended from jasmine, sandalwood, lime and apple blossom.

Prince Panji continues to wonder the many Kingdoms in search of his one true love.

He is compelled to live the life of a hermit and endure great poverty, experiencing insanity, a delusional mental state and facing danger in unpredictable situations.

And then one day the unexpected happens at a watering well in the wilderness.

The Prince encounters his Princess for the first time but neither is able to recognize the other.

It would seem that their paths would never cross again.

The void in time of the marriage has brought the two kingdoms of Kediri and Jenggala into conflict.

After a further passage of time, the Prince and the Princess find themselves on opposite sides in conflict on the battlefield.

King Pumpernickel remains ever hopeful that Prince Kirana will be persuaded to become his bride and his wife.

On the plains of Prambanan, the scene is set where the Prince and the Princess are in direct confrontation.

Daggers are drawn.

In a moment of delusion, sheer confusion and intense drama, Princess Kirana draws the Keris and stabs the man before her who she believes is King Pumpernickel.

The man Princess Kirana has stabbed is Prince Panji.

She only realizes this when it seems too late.

The poison and venom embossed in the metal has surely killed the man she so dearly loves and by her own fair hand.

But then fate lends a hand.

It is revealed that Prince Panji has taken a potion for just this very moment in time and he comes alive again, looking, almost staring, into the eyes of the person who nearly killed him and who he now realizes is his beloved Princess Kirana.

True love finally unites Prince Panji and Princess Kirana.

In a whisk of time, the two Kingdoms of Kediri and Jenggala are brought together by marriage in peace, prosperity and harmony.

The story is not without a final twist.

The stolen keris is handed to the detained Princess Jasmine  who is promptly released and sent back to Mojokerta and the Kingdom of Majapahit.

Believing that she is in fact Princess Kirana and that the Princess has had a change of heart, Princess Jasmine is greeted warmly by the unsuspecting King Pumpernickel.

The final irony is Princess Jasmine, without conscience or guilt, exacting revenge on the wrongful King by stabbing him with the one thing which was meant to protect him.

Princess Jasmine was now free to choose her own suitor and find her path in life.


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