This is an English language lesson aimed at elementary school students learning English as a second language.

The topic is Life Cycle of a Plant

Plants are very important.

They make oxygen and are an essential agent for the ecology of the planet.

Plants provide food for people and animal to eat.

Plants need water, air, light, temperature and time to grow.

Not all plants need soil to grow.  They just need the essential nutritients such as mineral, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

There is something called hydrophonics which enables plants to grow without soil.

The word ‘hydrophonics’ is taken from the Greek language and means ‘water labour’.

Some plants produce flowers but have no leaves or stem.

The Rafflesia from the Indonesian rainforest of Sumatra, is a case in point and actually the largest known flower in the world.

Trees, shrubs, grass and flowers are all types of plants.

Birds, insects and the wind all play an active role in the pollination of the plant.

Pollen enables the plant to reproduce more seeds.

There are, in fact, six stages of the life cycle of the plant.

They are:

  1. The seed is planted and made ready to grow. This is called germination.
  2. Roots and shoots grow from the plant
  3. Flowers grow from the shoots
  4. Pollen from the birds, insects and wind fertilizes the plant.
  5. The flowers produce fruit
  6. The fruit makes new seed. Seeds continue the cycle when the plant dies.

And so the life cycle of the plant begins again.



Life     Live     Leaf     Leave

Types   Tips     Trips



Life cycle                    Stages              Oxygen

Pollen                          Fertilizer          Germination

Seed                            Roots               Shoots

Temperature                Ecology           Hydrophonics

Nutritients                   Reproduce


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