This is an English language lesson aimed at elementary school students learning English as a second language.

The topic is Jobs for Kids.

The text is written in present simple tense.

The aim is to describe jobs a student might do in their family life.

Adjectives are used to intensify the descriptions given.


I am active.

I am brilliant

I am creative

I study at school

I do homework from school at home

I am a very helpful person

I help my Mother in the kitchen and around the house.

I cook the rice

I set the table

I wash up the dishes

I sweep the floor

I tidy my bedroom

I run an errand to the shop

I look after my younger sister

I feed my pet

I walk the dog

I water the plants and flowers

I wash my Father’s car


I sing and dance for a prize at local shows

I sell cup cakes

I make computer programme applications

I design my own clothes

I earn pocket money

I save my money too

I am honest, humble and hard-working

One day I will get a job

I want to work.

I am smart.  I am special.  I am strong

Jobs for Kids

That’s the way to go


Now let me see

What I could be.

I would love to be a doctor or a lawyer

I could be an engineer or an architect

I could be an entertainer or a broadcaster

I could be a police officer or a soldier

I might be a designer or a chef

How about if I want to be a business man?

An entrepreneur sounds better.

Jobs for Kids.




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