This is a short speech about plastic.

I am only a school student but I listen to my teacher, my parents and to the experts who speak about the plastic problem on news tv channels and social media.

English is my second language.  English is the language I use to express myself clearly.

I want to be heard.  I want to be understood.  I want to be taken seriously.

I want to make a difference.

I believe I can make a difference.

This is what I think.

Everybody uses plastic everyday.

Plastic is made in the factory.

Vinyl, acryllic, celluloid and polystyrene are all examples of types of plastic.

Cups, bottles, straws, stirrers and shopping bags are just some things made from plastic which we frequently use.

Plastic has become the man-made curse of the material world.

I am a reluctant member of this plastic-disposable consumer-driven society.

From which there does not seem to be any escape or practical solution offered.

We want the plastic product but not the consequences.

Phrases such as climate change and global warming are coined but appear quite meaningless in the face of the problem plastic presents to society.

Plastic waste is thrown away and dumped.

We do not seem to care.  Or do we?

Plastic waste can be recycled and used again by us.

Only half of all plastic waste in the world today is currently recycled.

Plastic waste is not trash or garbage.

If we do not recycle plastic waste, what happens?

It goes down the drain and sewer,then to the river and then to the open ocean.

Every single day, the ocean tide washes up plastic waste on the beaches of the world.

From Indonesia to the southern tip of Africa and to the far flung waters of the Caribbean.

The islands of Bali, Madagazcar and Barbados are not unaffected.

Beaches are not beautiful anymore.  They are dirty and disgusting, unwelcoming places.

The residual ocean waste becomes micro-plastic over time.

Fish think it is food and they eat it.

Guess what?

We eat fish.  So we eat plastic too.  Really!

Come on! Let’s get real and be more responsible.

Let’s recycle much more, a lot more,  of our plastic waste.

At home.  At school.  In the street.  Everywhere we go.

Know what to do.  Where.  When.  How.  And Why.

It’s a challenge. It is up to you.

Thank you very much for listening to my speech.

Now it is time for action.


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