This is a story about the Chicken and the Egg.

It is also an English language lesson to practice the use of  the second conditional, the present subjunctive and past perfect.

What would happen if there were no chickens?

If there were no chickens, we humans would never know about eggs.

Fried eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

Roast chicken.  Barbecue Chicken.  Chicken Wings.  Chicken Nuggets.

If we kept chickens, we could have lots of eggs to eat.

If we fed the chickens, they would be healthy.

If we didn’t feed the chickens, they would be hungry.

If the chickens were hungry, they wouldn’t produce any eggs.

If the chickens didn’t produce any eggs, there would be no eggs to buy at the farm shop.

If there were no eggs to buy, we couldn’t make omelettes, pancakes, cupcakes or other stuff we like so much to eat.

Chickens should be kept in a chicken coop.

If the chicken coop is not kept secure, the chickens would run away.

If the chickens ran away, they would be hard to catch.

I wish I had a chicken.

If I had a chicken, I would keep it in a coop in my backyard.

If I had lots of chickens, I would surely have lots of eggs.

I would be careful though  to look after the chickens and feed them every day.

I would not wish to ever be a chicken.

If I were a chicken, I would not be happy but I would do my job for humans.

I would accept my fate and suffer my sacrifice for the dinner plate.

I once dreamt that I had been a chicken.

I could have been a chicken in a previous life.

If I had been a chicken in a previous life, I would have produced lots of eggs or been eaten for my meat.

If I were a chicken, how would humans decide if I the chicken should live or die?

If they take my life and cook me for Sunday roast, I would not be able to produce any more eggs for them.

If they keep me alive only to produce eggs, they would have to take the life of another to eat the meat they the humans crave.

If I kept chickens, I would not need to buy eggs at the farm shop.

Who would want to be a chicken?

Who would want to be cooped up?

I am glad I am not a chicken.



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