Hello everyone.  I hope you are sitting comfortably and feeling relaxed.

I see that many of you have taken the opportunity to pick up a copy of my handout and to bring a notebook and pen for taking further notes.

I do not propose to talk for more than a few minutes but at the end I shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All right then.  I’ll get started.

My name is Bill Jones and I’ve been invited here today to give you a short speech about Giving a Speech in the English Language.

I am well aware that for nearly all of you English is not your first language and that you have a need to speak in English often for situations such as presentations or debate.

For your information, during the speech, I shall be using a few visual aids such as charts and graphs and a powerpoint presentation.

I will do my best to speak up, to speak clearly and slowly.

It is my intention to speak with good English using correct grammar and structure and very little slang.

But I will slip in a joke or two, an idiom or proverb here and there and take the trouble to deliver a purposeful message.

As you might have realized, cohesive devices, discourse markers and conjunctions all play an important role as a milestone in delivering any speech.

So, in fact, does time.

I know how long my speech should be.

I have researched the core material and written out the speech in advcance so that I know pretty much what I will say.

I have also rehearsed the speech in front of the mirror to myself to iron out any flaws and to achieve the desired perfection.

And I am careful to allow you the audience time to digest and absorb the information being given.

Not only that but I have paid attention to my own physical appearance and how you will perceive me as your guest speaker.

I have given thought to my body language as non-verbal communication in support of my speech.

I have not overlooked that that before beginning my speech, it was necessary to check the details of my speech once more as well as that the computer, project or, screen, whiteboard and easel were all functional and positioned correctly.

I draw from experience and I know what I am speaking to you about.

I am confident, assured and able to give you this short speech in a positive way.

If I dropped a clanger or if there was a slip of the tongue, I can only apologise and hope that I might be excused.

This is how a short speech should be.

Clearm, concise and to the point.

Fluent and fluid with little or no hesitation and engaging the interest of the audience,

Ready, willing and able to answer questions at the close.

On that note, I shall bring my speech about Giving a Speech in English to a close.

Thank you very much for your attention


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