Look into your eyes,

Whisper in your ear.

Render that moment of surprise

When I say, I love you dear.


Hold your heavenly hand,

Blow you a kindly kiss.

Wave a magic wand,

Boldly make you  a promise.


Promise to be true,

Never deceive or lie.

Never unjustly challenge or argue

And never question why.


Give favour where favour is due

And never take back more.

Have the will to see things through

And find what you are looking for.


You are the living dream

And you are absolute.

So sensual, so special, so supreme.

So adorable and cuddly cute.


Those who have seen your majestic shape,

Are seduced by its temptation.

Poetry, alas, does merely drape

The fantasy of infinite consummation.


Compliments are rarely given

And never easily earned.

Love is often determined, always driven.

Life itself is both yearned and learned.


Let time stand still

To capture your smile

Because your persona can and will

Fill this world with great grace and guile.


Such praise is expressed

With feeling so sincere.

You are one truly blessed.

I love you dear.


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