The early evening sun doth set

And cast its silky, serene shadow.

Life goes on but God does not forget

The aftermath of a year ago.


A young boy sits alone on the shore

Looking out to sea.

He has sat there a thousand times before,

Wondering of his destiny.


Beyond the ocean waves, there is a land

Where one day he will go.

Soiled toes push into the silting sand.

Places only he can know.


On that eventful day, the great wave came

And took away his fold.

Left him only his clothes and his name

To pursue the future unbetold.


Poverty for him has no definition

And education no teacher.

But God has given him a prayer, a purpose and a mission

Without parent, sibling, friend or leader.


The bedraggled clothes he wears

Are all his worldly possession.

The thoughts he thinks, the world he knows, he shares

Without any conscience or objection.


You and I, we are that boy

And share his harmonic hope.

Such profound wishfulness for human joy

To set sail upon the boat.


He has heard of the Santa Claus who brings kids presents

And of the man called Jesus who saves.

Here, on this Christmas Eve, sits he, oblivious to condescendence

And beyond the fury of the ocean waves.














































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