Just to let you know

You are someone on my mind.

Whispered words carried from within an ever evocative echo

And thoughts expressed in kind.


Glory of an everlasting smile,

Devout upon sweet lips.

A woman (and just a woman) no less than a charismatic chil’

Whose breathtaking beauty encrypts.


He who’s touched by a single moment in time,

Becomes irresistibly romanticized.

Solicited by the empathy of a ragged rhyme,

Virtue of which, togetherness is visualized.


Just to let you know,

Your holy glow shines bright on my delirious day.

A radiant reflection in the scorching shadow

And a powerful portal for the one true way.


So much life is pensively promised

And yet goes beyond the grain.

So little is ever earnestly cherished

Within the perpetuity of our reign.


Just to let you know,

You have reached a very special place,

Where such a heavenly woman as you can freely go

And enjoy the sanctuary of man’s grace.


Twinkle are the stars in the night sky

And blessed then are we all by the dolly daily dawn.

The curiosity of our quest is ever to wonder why

From the first moment we are born.


He who wants to be what he cannot

And she who seeks the prize.

For all of life and eternity lest be forgot,

Amen, beyond the deception and the lies.


The bridge of destiny is acquiesced

And a solitary hand is taken.

A woman (and just a woman) so touched, so felt and so caressed

That undying love cannot be forsaken.




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