You may only know me as A.

I am twenty three years old.

It is ten o’clock on the morning of Wednesday 26th March in the year 2268.

It is my birthday and I am on the way to meet friends to celebrate it.

I died on the 13th July 2016 two hundred and fifty two years ago from a disease what was then called cancer.

I was only fourteen years old.

The cancer disease was terminal and I knew at that time I was going to die.

I was reborn nine years ago at exactly the same age and with the same memories as from the time I died.

This is my actual story, however unbelievable and extraordinary it may sound.

I was the only child of my parents marriage.

My parents marriage was not a happy one and they divorced when I was five.

My Father remarried and had children from his new wife but I was never embraced as part of that family unit and he never once concerned himself about my upbringing after he left my Mother who then struggled to raise me as a single parent.

I never understood at the time why my parents no longer lived together as husband and wife with me in a family unit.

Or why I had to suffer the anguish, disappointment, dismay, distraction, victimisation and sheer alienation only a child from a divorcing couple can peculiarly understand.

It was always assumed, so I was told later, that the stress I suffered was brought about by my parents divorce and by the indifferent abuse I had to endure in my personal and school life as a result.

Children from divorces were seen as freaks by other children who did not understand the alienation.

My memories of childhood are, alas,  as vivid and real just as if they happened yesterday.

I was just ten years old when I was told by a doctor that I had a terminal form of cancer and that I would prematurely die.

What seems so amazing about that particular communication is that my Mother and my Aunt who were present in the consultation room, wept uncontrollably, as indeed did the young male doctor but I did not shed a single tear.

There was a certain sense of inevitability about the diagnosis which went beyond emotion in the mind of this young girl.

I resigned myself to my fate and yet propagated a fight to live this current life for as long as I could.

I believed in God but you would hardly call me a religious person.

I was just a kid who was told that her life was going to be cut short and third parties should possibly feel guilty for causing the cancer in the first place.

I thought I had the right to live a long and fulfilling life and God would not wish it that it would be the end of my life should it be so that I would die sooner rather than later.

It was the year 2016 and clinical trials had led to a new understanding of cancer and new cures for many, if not all, types of cancer.

I decided that if it was ever possible, I would want a second chance to live my life.

I did not wish to be buried or cremated and therefore denied that second chance.

I perceived that there may come a time in the future when someone like me could be brought back to life, not so much by a miracle but by a creditable advancement in medical science.

I had once read about the elixir of life.

I had once watched a Mel Gibson film called ‘Forever Young’.

So the idea came to me to be medically frozen maybe for as long as was needed to enable me to be reborn and reach my destiny.

I believed that there was a strong possibility that medical science could or would advance in the future to enable this to happen.

I did not wish to be reborn as a robot or an alien but simply as the person I once was.

I became the first person in the history of the world to go to a Court of law and get a judgment for my body to be frozen as I wished.

I am not proud to have been a pioneer for something which in later years became a fashion trend but I am proud of myself for the courage and determination which I showed to make it happen and convince others of its importance in a highly skeptical world.

The legal judgment came one month after my death and I can also be proud of my Mother and the English people who made it possible as well as other supporters from around the world.

A lot has happened in the nine years since I have been reborn.

I met a wonderful man who suffered a similar medical fate as i in 2056 and we married two years ago.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last year.

I have been able to complete my education and become an architect.

I am not archangelic but a civilized and rational human being to whom God has kindly granted a second chance of life on earth.

For that I am immensely grateful.

I have arrived at the venue for the celebration of my twenty-third birthday.

Dear people, that is my story.

If anything, I hope my story will help you appreciate the value of life and the quality of all relationships.

The world is a different place in 2268 from 2016 but people still have difficulties in relationships just like my parents which lead to separation and derision.

There are still children who are victims of this.

People have not learnt to be any more happier now than when I lived before.

It is perhaps a travesty of human nature but it is no more than reality.

Thank you, once again, for listening to my story and God bless you.





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