This is fun  English language lesson dialogue to explain the difference between Carpet, Car pet and Mat.

A.             Excuse me, can I borrow your car pet please?

B.             Huh, you want to borrow my car pet?

A.            Yes I do. I lost mind.

B.            You mean to say that you lost yours.

A.            Do you have a car pet?

B.            Actually, I don’t have either a car or a pet and I certainly don’t have a car pet.

A.           But I need one.  I want to pray.

B.           Oh I understand now.  You want a carpet for prayer?

A.           Yes I do.  Do you have one?

B.           Actually I don’t have a prayer carpet but I do have a prayer mat.

A.          May I borrow it please?

B.           Yes of course.  Here you are.

A.          Thank you very much.  You are very kind.

B.          Not at all.  You’re welcome.  Goodbye

A.          Toodle-loo!


The dialogue is between two people.

They are both muslim.

One person wants to pray but he has lost his prayer mat.

He mistakenly calls his prayer mat first a car pet and then a carpet.

The second person is also confused when the first person says that he has lost mind.  The mistake is to say ‘I have lost mind’.  Correct sentence is ‘I have lost mine’.

Reference to a ‘car pet’ is meant entirely as a joke.  The concept of the car pet in the joke is that it is a toy of some kind which dangles or hangs inside the car.

The misunderstanding is implied in the mind of Person A who does not seem to realize that a car pet is different from a carpet.

Car Pet and Carpet are pronounced differently.

A Pet is a polite nickname for someone or something and so it may not be as silly as it sounds to refer to a ‘car pet’ – if that is what Person A was referring to.

There are three words used in English to describe a covering for the floor.

Those three words are Carpet, Rug and Mat.

The carpet is the largest of the three and may cover an entire floor of a room.

A rug is much smaller than a carpet but it is also bigger than a mat.  It is often used to roll out onto the floor for visiting guests at the home.

The mat is much smaller and there are a number of compound noun examples to illustrate this.

The Prayer Mat used by muslims in prayer at the mosque.

The Bath Mat used sometimes inside the bath-tub but more commonly as a floor covering when you come out of the bath-tub.

The Door Mat is common at most homes as the mat on which to wipe your shoes (or indeed your feet) before entering the house.

The Table mat is a place mat on the dining table on which the plate will be put with food.

The Mouse mat should not be overlooked as the small utility mat which functions with a computer or laptop.

The expression ‘Toodle Loo’ is very informal and should only be used in a light-hearted way to say goodbye to someone.

I hope you enjoyed this speaking English lesson.


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