This is the story of a child and what a child wants to buy.

Actually it is the story based on actual events as they unfolded between my five year old son and I over the last few weeks.

I am sitting in my study thinking what shall I write today.

My son suddenly comes to me with his hands mysteriously behind his back.

My son says to me ‘Papa, I don’t buy toys today ’/

And I know my son likes to buy toys whenever he goes out shopping with my wife.

I also know that my Son likes to buy sweets, chocolates and ice cream.

But I guess today is different and it signifies a diversifying change in the character of my son.

My son, at five years old, is growing up and has emphatically entered the world of ‘I want to buy this please Papa’.

Let’s find out what my son likes to buy if he does not buy toys to play with.

Well, he likes to buy a colouring book and a set of crayons to draw pictures.

He is creative and no longer draws on the furniture or on the walls around the house.

He also likes to buy a badge and stickers to stick on the door and window in his bedroom.

For sure, he likes to buy a superhero tee-shirt, pencil case and schoolbag.

He has moved on from Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank into the realm of Captain America, Iron Man, Batman and Avengers.

Each week, my Son comes to me in my study and says ‘Papa, I don’t buy toys today’.

How come I am not surprised when he shows me what he has bought, hidden until then in his hands  behind his back?

He buys a comic and reading book because he likes to practice his reading.

He buys a watch and a clock because he has learnt to tell the time.

He is very switched-on, my son, and he never seems to ask too much.

Of course, he buys Lego bricks so that he can build a house.  Not really toys I think.

I am always happy when he does not buy toys because toys are expensive and it leaves me no money to take Mama out for dinner or buy her a new dress.

I can’t expect a five year old to understand about that, now can I?

Then one day, my son still surprised me by saying ‘Papa, I don’t buy toys today’ and there was a really cheeky smile on his face, I knew his latest purchase was something different.

Can you guess?

Yes, my Son buys a real life pet to look after, a creamy white persian pussycat he called Cuddles from the moment he bought it at the Pet Shop.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  What a son I have!

Anyway, before too long, my Son buys a bicycle so that he could ride it at weekends and sometimes after school.

That was the one thing he bought which was not behind his back when he crept into my study while I was preparing some material but I just knew something was up.

One thing my Son had in common with me in childhood was we liked to look up to the sky and see the stars.

So actually it was not a surprise at all when he came into my study and he said ‘Papa, I don’t buy toys today.  But look what I buy’

My Son buys a telescope so that he can gaze at the stars and the planets in the sky.

Next week, he will be six years old.

My Son came to me in my study and said ‘Papa, I don’t buy toys today.  I don’t buy anything/  Papa, I want a party to celebrate my birthday.’

It is something no child can be denied by a doting parent.

I know in the future the wants of my son will change again.

So far, he has resisted asking for a computer game or any electronic device.  That time will definitely come.

Thank you, my dear Son, for giving me the inspiration to write this story.


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