Thoughts alone are not enough

To express my deepest love.

So poetic words are simply said

To humbly do it instead.


Feelings bravely expressed

Are absolute at best

For another living soul

Whose world I madly entroll.


Love can find a way

To see the light of day

But i dare  not ever be so proud

As to ne’er be the number in the crowd.


If I let her go,

I will feel such immeasurable woe.

But if she is mine to keep,

Tonight, my God, my Lord, I pray, I sleep.


Allow a simple man to dream

What to some may never seem.

Yet becomes the sweetness of his inspiration

And the cause of his infatuation.


Forgive me for what I feel

If it does not seem real.

Understand this man’s ever greater need

And the conscience of his deed.


Heart and soul and mind

Are so hopelessly entwined.

I ask, oh God, who on earth is she

That this kindred spirit can do this to me?


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