This is the story of when Harry met Sally.

Harry was born in a barn on a farm in the country.

There were twelve puppies altogether born in the litter to the proud parents.

Harry knew though that one day he would have to find a new home and go out into the  big bad world.

Within a few months, a gentleman came to the farm and took Harry away in his pick-up truck for a new life.

Harry is a rescue dog now.

He finds lost people.

He uses his nose and strong sense of smell to find them.

Last week, he helped to find a lost climber.

He wears a bright orange jacket.

He is alert, astute and reliable to do the job.

When he finds someone, he always barks loudly.

He gets a big hug and a special treat from his keeper, Frank.

A few months ago, quite by chance, Harry met Sally, another rescue dog, while they were out on the mountains.

They just clicked.

This was Puppy Love, make no mistake.

A few days later, their paths crossed again in the mundane surroundings of the local grocery store at which their keepers, Frank and Emma, had stopped to buy some provisions.

That sealed it without a shadow of a doubt.

Since that date, Harry and Sally became inseparable.

Like two peas in a pod, Frank calls them.

Whatever that means.

But romance blossomed for Frank and Emma too.

Now Harry and Sally are together and making a litter of their own.

Just to add a final twist to the story, a writer got to hear of their delightful story and decided to dramatize it on social media.

Harry and Sally have their own Facebook and Twitter pages and their photos are seen by people all over the world.

Whether by accident or design, Harry and Sally have become canine celebrities.

The world comes to their tiny Welsh village to interact and share in their story.

Today though, as the mist rolls in over the mountains, it is work as usual for the two rescue dogs called Harry and Sally.

Puppy Love Indeed!



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