This is an English language lesson about ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY and CLOSED OR OPEN QUESTIONS.

Always            Never              Ever                 Often               Rarely              Seldom

Usually            Normally         Frequently       Sometimes       Occasionally    Once/Twice


There are two types of questions which can be asked.  Closed Questions and Open Questions.

A closed question requires a simple yes or no answer and does not allow the person who replies to provide unique or unexpected answers.

An open question requires a more detailed reply.


Do you drive a car?                                                     Yes I do/No I don’t/Sometimes/Never

Do you have any hobbies?                                          Yes I do/No I don’t/

Are you from Sumatra?                                              Yes I am/No I’m not

Is it raining?                                                                Yes it is/ No it’s not/No it isn’t

It’s hot today, isn’t it?  (question tag)                 Yes it is/No it’s not/No it isn’t

                                    OPEN QUESTIONS

What kind of car do you drive?                      I drive a Daihatsu Zenia

Tell me about your hobbies                             I like swimming,watching movies and travelling

When were you born?                                     I was born in Nineteen sixty Two (1962)

How is the weather today?                             The weather today is hot and humid


CLOSED                    Do you have any hobbies?

OPEN                         What are your hobbies?

CLOSED                    Do you use public transportation?

OPEN                         What do you think about public transportation?

CLOSED                    Do you work here?

OPEN                         Where do you work?

CLOSED                    Do you smoke?

OPEN                         Why do you smoke?

CLOSED                    Do you speak English?

OPEN                         Why do you learn English?

CLOSED                    Have you ever been to America?

OPEN                         How was your trip to America?

CLOSED                    Do you think a working culture is important?

OPEN                         What do you think about the working culture in Indonesia?

CLOSED                    Do you want to eat fried rice or noodles?

OPEN                         What do you want to eat?

CLOSED                    Do you go to the cinema often?

OPEN                         How often do you go to cinema?

CLOSED                    Have you worked here for very long?

OPEN                         How long have you worked here?!

CLOSED                    Do you travel today by train?

OPEN                         How do you travel here today?

CLOSED                    Do you often go on holiday?

OPEN                         How often do you go on holiday?



Excuse me, do you speak English?

Yes I do, actually.

Are you from America?

No I’m not

So where are you from then?

I’m from Manchester England.

Do you live here?

Yes I do.

Where do you live?

I live in Sentul near to Bogor City.

Do you think a working culture is important?

Yes I do. Certainly.

What do you think about the working culture in Indonesia?

I think the working culture in Indonesia is very relaxed and flexible.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, quite a few to be honest.

What are some of your hobbies?

Well, I enjoy travelling, watching movies and playing badminton

Are you hungry?

Yes I am

Do you want to eat fried rice or noodles?

I’m not sure.

What do you want to eat?

I want to eat traditional Indonesian food while I am living here.


Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kim Jones.

Thank you Mr. Paul for giving me this opportunity to speak to you in English.

Actually, I mostly speak in my native Indonesian language, so this is a rare chance to show off my English.

Today I want to talk to you about travelling with my job and to practice using and speaking adverbs of frequency.

Do you know what they are?

I am a professional person and I travel a lot with my job.

I often go overseas to other countries for business.

I usually go to the airport by taxi.

I always prepare for my business trip in advance.

However, I frequently need to re-arrange my travel plans around the working schedule of my clients and customers.

Except when I am travelling, I normally work at my office in the city.

Sometimes I go to the office by express train or by the commuter line.

From time to time, I use the Busway.

To be honest, I rarely or hardly ever use public transportation in Indonesia such as the Angkot Bus, Bajaj or Becak.

I do occasionally use gojek or uber to get to meetings quickly across the city.

Seldom am I not travelling.

My life is one of constantly being on the move.

Meeting people.  Asking questions.  Closed questions.  Open questions.  Getting answers.  Producing results.

You asked me earlier – Have you ever visited Bali?

Yes I have as a matter of fact.  I have visited Bali twiceOnce for a holiday with my family and once for business.

Thank you very much everyone for listening to my presentation in English about Adverbs of Frequency and Travelling.  Now it’s your turn!


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