This is a conversation to practice speaking English and talking about the Jakarta Busway in Indonesia.

Hey Tony, you’re so early.  What a pleasant surprise.

Yes I know.  I flew.  I just parked my jet plane across the street.

You’re kidding me, right?  You rarely arrive on time

You know me so well.  No, actually, I used the Rapid Transit Bus System

You mean the Busway?

Yes.  Is that what you call it?   It’s really fast, cheap and convenient

That’s great. Tell me Tony, how does it work?

Well, there is a special lane that is only for buses.  No cars, bicyles or motors can                      use this lane so the bus is free to move along

While all the cars are stuck in a traffic jam.  Wow, love it!

Yeah, and I can even use it as well as the train from the airport

That’s part of the commuter line, isn’t it?

Yes it is but the Busway is more established and I prefer the Busway to the                                  Commuter     Line

Sounds like you’ve cracked it.  Welcome to Jakarta Indonesia!



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