Hello, my name is Sartika.  Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Sure, why not?  What’s it about?

It’s for my school English lesson. I have a project to do about Transportation.

Oh I see.  No problem.  Fire ahead!

Thank you.  Do you like travelling?

Yes I do.  I like travelling a lot.

What kind of transporation do you use?

I use many many different kinds of transportation.  I drive a car.  I catch a taxi.  I hop on a bus.  I take the train.  I ride a motor-cycle.  I even fly by plane.

Which form of transport do you prefer?

I prefer going by car because it’s convenient

Do you always use transportation to go places?

Not always.  Sometimes I go on foot if the place is near.

What do you think about public transportation?

I think it’s useful and necessary but sometimes it can be slow and inconvenient.

Do you drive a car?

Yes I do.  At weekends with my family.  I prefer to go to work on weekdays by train.

Have you ever travelled by plane?

From time to time yes, especially when I go overseas to a foreign country on holiday or on business

Ok.  Now one final question.   Have you ever used any unusual kinds of transportation?

That’s a good question.  Well, I have been up in a hot air balloon, I have ridden a horse across the mountains and also a camel in the desert, so I suppose you might say they are unusual kinds of transportation

Wow, that’s amazing.  That’s it.  Thanks for your time in answering my questions.

Not at all.  My pleasure.  And good luck with your English project


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