This is an English language lesson about MH370. The keywords of the lesson are, as usual, highlighted in bold for learning and practice.

This is the true story so far of MH370 which went missing more than two years ago.

The story begins late into the evening of Friday 7th March 2014 when MH370 departed Kuala Lumpur Malaysia en route for its destination Beijing China.

There were 239 passengers on board.

About an hour into the flight,  the plane simply and mysteriously disappeared.

Such disappearance of a jet plane is unprecedented. There are many theories and much speculation as to what happened to this plane.

Many people believe that it just crashed into the sea while others suggest it exploded in mid-air.

It is believed by some people that it could have been hijacked and was flown either by the two pilots or by someone else (who surely had sound knowledge of avionics and navigation), to a different and unknown destination.

Certainly the plane deviated from its original northerly flight path and possibly headed first west and then in a number of possible directions across the Indian Ocean.

Satelite pings have tracked the plane as possibly still flying several hours after its last radio contact with ground staff.

Investigators, with the help of FBI and Interpol, checked the passenger manifest to see whether any of the passengers or flight crew could have had criminal intent for an untoward terrorist act on the plane.

There are no leads.

It is probable that terrain masking played its part plus with the plane flying at low altitude of 5000 feet to avoid radar detection by civilian military and commercial personnel.

The pilots gave no Mayday, SOS or other distress call when the plane disappeared.

An extensive and intense search was concentrated on a remote and inhsopitable area some 800 miles to the west of Perth Australia where debris in the Indian Ocean was spotted using the most up to date of satellite technology.

But the debris was not from MH370.

There is one line of thought which supposes the plane landed on the remote island of Diego Garcia owned by the British but rented out to the Americans and that the passengers may have been held captive in a terrorist plot to turn the plane into a missile.

The most likely scenario is surely that the plane, for whatever reason, crashed into the sea as deep as five kilometres and despite all the searching with modern technology, no trace of debris of MH370 has ever been found.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with and for the passengers and flight crew of MH370.

We can only continue to empathize with the grieving families who miss their loved ones.

And that those  grieving families may one day get closure to what actually happened.



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