This is a further English language lesson taking a look at eating out in a restaurant.

The keywords of the lesson are, as usual, highlighted in bold for learning and practice.

Eating out at a Restaurant is a treat and can be enjoyed by the whole family.  There are many different kinds of Eateries such as Cafes Bars Pubs Restos Delicatessens and Coffee Shops but I prefer a restaurant because I can be served by a waiter or waitress.

We usually eat out in a restaurant at least once a week and more often during holidays.

At the best restaurants and at the most popular times (like Saturday nights) it is always advisable to make a table reservation in advance.

I really like eating different food.  I am adventurous and am willing to try exotic food from different countries.

Mexican Enchiladas.  Turkish Kebab.  Indian or Thai Curry.  Indonesian Padang. Italian Pasta.  French Cuisine.  Japanese Sushi.  Vietnamese Dim Sum.

This is not a time to be a food junkie but to experience culinary delights on offer.

Every restaurant has a Menu and you can either order A La Carte (straight from the menu) or you you can help yourself to as much food as you like at the Buffet or Carvery.

I will order a Starter, Main course and Dessert.

An Ideal Starter is Prawn Cocktail, Cream Asparagus Soup or Garlic Mushrooms.

For the main course, I would choose either Fish or Meat with an array of mixed vegetables.  I avoid eating fried food for health reasons, so I prefer it if the fish or meat is steamed or grilled.

For Dessert, I would opt for a delicious slice of cake or a mixture of fruit and ice cream.  Yes I know, it adds the calories but I simply cant resist!

It’s great if there’s background music and candles burning on the table to create the effect of a romantic candlelight supper.

Of course, we must follow Etiquette and wait to be seated in the Restaurant at our table.  We eat with fork knife and spoon and use a Serviette (or Napkin) to cover our clothes if we spill any food or drink.

When the time comes, the waiter presents the Bill and my Father pays it..  We must not forget to leave a Tip for the waiter or waitress who have served us so well during the evening with such wonderful cuisine.

 Bon Appetite!  So say the French!