This is an English language lesson which takes a look at Number Four.

The keywords of the lesson are highlighted in bold.

Number four holds a great deal of significance.

For the chinese people, number four is considered unlucky because when the number four is pronounced in the chinese language, it has the same meaning and sound as the word ‘death’.

In western culture, however,  number four can very much be a lucky number, especially if you come upon a four-leaf clover.

The four-lead clover symbolizes hope, faith, love and luck.

Let us look at other examples of how number four is significant.

There are four cardinal points:

North, south, west and east

There are four seasons of the year

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

There are four characteristics of weather

Hot, cold, dry and wet

There are four parts to the soul

Mind, opinion, science and sense

There are four elements in alchemy

Earth, air, wind and fire

There are four phases to the moon

New, waning, waxing and full

There are four parts of the day:

Dawn, noon, night and dusk

There are four points of orientation

Left, right, front and back

There are four natural colours

Red, green, blue and yellow

Everyone is probably a tetraphobic in some way, wary of certain numbers in some way out of superstition or belief.

In conclusion, number Four represents stability, order and completion of justice.


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