Today I am going to spill the beans about Nosh.  That is Food, Glorious Food to ordinary folk like you and me.

Be prepared to eat Humble Pie and learn lots of new words, food idioms and proverbs.

So what’s cookingWhat’s on the menu?

Food for Thought is one.

Don’t be a Fruitcake.  Learning English is a piece of cake.

Mr Paul is an English teacher and the Big Cheese around here..

Things always smell cheesey when he is around.

Some people think he is Mutton dressed as Lamb and that he likes to rub salt in the wound but the Mr Paul I know is salt of the earth and students go bananas for one of his lessons.

No banana skins or sour grapes with Mr Paul!

He says that Teaching is his Bread and Butter and even thinks he is as cool as a cucumber.

He definitely was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but in a nutshell, he is the bread-winner and always brings home the bacon.

Mr. Paul really likes to spice things up and some things he says you should surely take with a pinch of salt.

You could say that he takes the biscuit but he is not a bad apple, not really and there is no point to cry over spilt milk.

Learning English is very much a hot potato these days.

Never mind.  There is always another bun in the oven and they will sell like hot cakes.  They will!

To be honest, not everything is my cup of tea.

I do get in a pickle sometimes but I would not change things for all the tea in China.

Listen to me now.  Walking on eggshells and upsetting the apple cart.

Oh deary me!

All right, enough.  Mr Paul is toast!

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Absolutely food for thought, don’t you agree?




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