This is an English language lesson about Perks of the Job we do.

The keywords of the lesson are highlighted in bold.

The perks of the job are seen as one of the reasons if not the main reason why a person seeks employment with a particular company.

Perks are something an employer gives an employee in addition to pay which contributes to a general feeling of happiness and confidence in the workplace.

It is not financial in nature like a bonus or a commission but a motivation-driven incentive, a privilege, a fringe benefit, a benefit in kind.

After all,  a job is not just about the money but about the people working there and about the workplace environment itself.

The basic philosophy behind offering perks is to get staff to know each other better, to provide a platform for their interaction in informal settings and thereby encourage teamwork.

Google are very much the trendsetter in this regard with massage chairs, table-tennis tables, video games, hammocks, bean bags, bicycles, scooters and couches amongst other things.

They recognize that the workplace should be a fun and friendly environment where workers can be autonymous in deciding the number of hours worked and how the job itself is actually done.

In a competitive and challenging workplace, hard work and accomplishment should always be suitably rewarded.

So what is a perk?  Well, it takes a variety of forms.

It might be free food for all staff, a generous healthcare, pension or holiday allowance or just a reserved parking space or exclusive workspace with your own office and your name on the door.

Office outings, dinners out, football matches, cinema trips, go-karting and other such activities are all on the menu too to count as attractive perks.

Perks are a way of valuing its workforce and enabling them to be productive in the right way.

To endorse flexibility of working, many companies will either subsidize or provide education for the young children of their workers either by funding an integrated school or creche facilities at the workplace.

At the end of the day,  a happy team is a productive team and that is the way it should be.

A lot of time is spent in the workplace and the employer is doing no more than recognizing the core need of health, safety and wellness for its employees.

Perks are, therefore, an essential part of every job description.



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