This is an English language lesson where we look at crime and and describe it.

The keywords of the lesson are highlighted in bold.  They should be practiced and learnt.

First of all, what is a crime?

Well, a crime is a wrongdoing.  It means an offender has broken the law and should be punished.

Throughout life but especially so in childhood, we are taught by our parents, teachers and other servant guardians of the community the differences between right and wrong.

We commit a crime and are apprehended, caught red-handed so to speak.

We are arrested by a police officer, charged with an offence against the law, possibly detained in a jail, considered a suspect for the crime while the crime is investigated by a detective.

Witnesses make statements about the crime and forensic DNA or fingerprinting analysis is carried out at the scene of the crime..

Eventually, we face a trial in a courtroom based on the evidence.

Depending on the severity of the crime, we are sentenced for a period of time in prison, fined a sum of money or ordered to do community service.

Our fate is decided by a Judge and Jury.

We might  have a good defense to the charge levied against us.

We might get a reprieve by way of a suspended sentence, a sort of second chance.  The punishment will only become activated if the offence is repeated.

We are represented in the courtroom by a lawyer who mitigates our plea and who provides information of any alibi which verifies that we could not possibly have done the crime as alleged by the prosecution.

If found guilty, showing regret and remorse are important factors in persuading the Judge to show leniency in the conviction.

In summary, keep this in mind..  If you break the law, it’s a crime.  So be a good citizen and don’t break the law.

Not only that.  If you see or know of a crime being committed, report it to the police and play your part in bringing the offender to justice.



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