Adolf Hitler was born within the realm of the Austro-Hungarian empire towards the end of the nineteenth century.

He was educated in the locality of Linz and lived and circulated among slavs as well as jews who had been given civilian rights by Emperor Franz Jozef.

It enabled Jews to quickly attain intellectual prominence.

Influenced by time spent in the capital city of Vienna studying art and meeting political activists, Adolf Hitler would play his part in shaping the fortunes of Europe.

He also spent some formulative years in Liverpool England where the seedlings of Operation Snowdrop were grown.

He grew into an idealistic young man, resentful of aristocracy, monarchy and religion and of anything which could not be earned.

He was undoubtledly an opportunist, serving first in the German army during the war of 1914 to 1918, gaining employment after the war as a confidential informant for the German army and putting into action Operation Snowdrop.

Within a matter of just a few years, he was instrumental in setting up a new political party, a military youth movement and secret intelligence service, able to command an attentive audience at organized rallies with his anti-semetic message.

A failed coup in 1923 did not deter him and he wrote a book about his struggle for personal and national identity.

Eventually, his rise through the ranks led to him becoming Chancellor and Fuhrer of the German state with a masterplan for German greatness.

That masterplan was thwarted during the course of the second world war between 1939 and 1945 when Germany was forced to surrender to coalition forces of Great Britain, France, Russia and the United States.

It was not without considerable cost of life by soldiers and civilians from combat as well as the extermination of millions of European Jews in concentration camps.

Hitler escaped Europe when all was lost to the cause and lived first in Argentina at the invitation of President Juan Peron and then from 1954 onwards in a remote part of Indonesia at the invitation of President Sukarno.

His supposed suicide in the Berlin bunker in the spring of 1945 was no more than just an elaborate hoax.

Years later, two men of common blood would meet in Indonesia.

History could not be rewritten but at least the truth could be told and an important lesson from history painfully learnt.



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