Before the city, there came the park.

Before the park, there came the fountain.

Before the fountain, according to folklore, there came the falling angel which would give the fountain its name.

This is the story of the Angel Fountain.

The angel is the guardian of mother nature and the source of water which cultivates purity of thought of citizens and visitors alike.

Sentient beings are all about.

Fairies, elves, gnomes, pixies, mischievous with their presence, are among us, be in no doubt about that.

They are the invisible earth-dwellers and the fallen angel their celestial overseer.

You know their presence with the whistle of the wind, the tingle of the wind chimes, the ringing of church bells, the spark of a fire, the flickering flame on a candle.

They are also the butterfly, the ladybird, the frog, the dragonfly and the grasshopper while linking the energy of the sun with the botanic wonderworld of the flower garden which beautifies this park.

Affinity bestows good fortune and I for one have been truly blessed with happiness, good health and longevity of life.

A husband to a dear and special woman and the father to four great children, a grandfather of three.

A professional man of some respect and standing in the community.

The park is much frequented at all times of the day and night.

There is life beyond life here.

The Angel Fountain is a focal point.

It is the custom to throw a silver coin into the free flowing fountain waters and make a wish.

Yesterday, an old childless couple cast a silver coin into the fountain.  They became rejuvenated and blessed with a child right before my eyes.

An American couple, on vacation, took a selfie photograph with the young couple and their baby and posted it afterwards on social media.

A gypsy woman looked on.

There is a story to be told about the gypsy woman.

Here am I sitting on one of the many park benches which surround the Angel Fountain.

I come on the pretense of reading the morning newspaper but my real mission is different.

I am here to observe the beauty of life and to be spell-bound by the magic of the Angel Fountain.

Yesterday, this day and every day when I have free time to do so.

There is a lot more to tell about the Angel Fountain.

The Angel Fountain is the soul of the day in my city.


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