As if you did not know, the watch is a mechanical device or instrument for telling the time.

It is attached to a strap and usually worn on either the left or right wrist.

In the technological age of the Smartwatch, a watch is so very much more capability than just a timepiece.

It can be used for mathematical calculation, satelite navigation, talking and also monitoring heart-rate.

It amazes me how many right-handed people wear their watch on the right wrist.

Isn’t that a contradiction of their natural co-ordination?

Watches, I know, are considered by many people as an essential piece of jewellery and as a fashion statement.

People have a whole collection of different watches with a variety of numerical and digital interfaces.

Quartz and Seiko are at the top of the ‘must have’ brands, valued for their craftsmanship, aesthetic appearance, reliability and glamorous design.

Look.  Personally, I do not own a watch and I have never worn one since I was a child.

Wearing a watch or even owning one is just not important to me.

Besides, the strap gives me a skin irritation and it seems such a hassle to wind it up each day, take it off, put it back it on and be utra-sconscious about water-proof damage or losing it.

Excuses perhaps I know.

Time, after all, is all around us on giant televisions screens, clocks and in either analogue or digital form as we choose on cellphones.

Have you ever asked someone for the time?

Have you ever asked someone for the time as a reason just to talk to them?

(In other words, you just wanted to use asking the time as a reason to talk to that person and you did not really want to know the time at all).

So I had better watch out if I want to know the time for sure.

Excuse me, do you have the time?

Do you have time?

Could you tell me the time?

What time is it please?

Is it time?  Is it the time?  Is that the time?

Do you mind telling me the time?

Do you happen to have the time?

Do you know the time?

Can you tell time?

Can you tell me the time?

Why do you wear your watch on the right wrist?

Time is up on this lesson.  Thank you for indulging to read it and practice your English.

I hope this lesson will help you to describe a watch confidently and clearly in your own words.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “DESCRIBE A WATCH

  1. Ulima

    I found your post about watches with Google. I am now 35, mom of 2 kids, and wear my watch on the right. This started in the 80ies. Here it was tradition, to get a watch when you go to first grade. Yes, back then just everyone wore a watch.

    We were like 6 girls hanging out. The first girl got her watch. It was a Swatch. Yeah, in the end of the 80ies they were super cool. She wore it on her right. And she said “Wouldn’t it be cool if we all would wear our watches at right? So we can be different from the rest but have something in common”. We all liked the idea. When I then got my Swatch I putted it right. My mom said it should be put left, but I said I wanted to. In the end we all had a Swatch on the right. 5 of us were right handed, 1 left handed.

    Time went on, and we split because some went to others schools. I kept my watch on the right, even when I got new ones.

    And today? Last time we all met was 6 months ago. I now wear a Rolex and still on my right. One of us has stopped wearing a watch completely. One only wears it when going out. But still on the right.

    My husband wears right too, and even our kids.
    Just to see how it could happen.
    But I just find it sad, that kids don’t wear watches anymore. When I was in first grade, everyone had one. Now my kids are almost the only ones wearing them.

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