The story I am about to tell you is true based on actual events.

It all happened before my very own eyes a few days ago and I am very much a part of the story.

Just for the record, it is just a story.

It is a mix of fairytale and fantasy with folklore blended with myth and mystery, embellished with a taste of culture, custom and tradition.

Past, present and future.

Once upon a time, there was an old couple who lived in a big, crowded city in the south of Spain.

They had been married for fifty years but for reasons which we do not understand, God never blessed their true love for each other with a child.

Virtually every day for those fifty years, they took a walk, hand in hand, to the city park where they habitually tossed a silver coin into the Angel Fountain where locals say they first met.

And they made a wish.

The locals also say that the Angel Fountain was there long before the park and the city and that the Angel is the spirit of the city, the park and the people who come here.

I know the park well.  It is certainly a magical park of fun, of frivolity and life where birds sing with human life, young lovers show affection on the grasslands, children play and old men with hats from a bygone era sit and read newspapers.

So much more happens in this park beyond the remit of this story.

I am the old man in this story, sitting quietly on one of the park benches which surround the fountain, reading a morning newspaper, almost oblivious to what is going on around me.

But it’s eleven o’clock and it’s the time in the day when the old couple truddle along and cast their silver coin into the waters of the fountain.

The couple are people of this great musical city and of the old revolution which by accident brought them together.

The husband was once and indeed still is a brilliant instrumentalist while the wife is possessed of a fine singing voice harmonised with nature.

The people of the city know them well and they have taken on in recent times a celebrity status virtue of their relentless belief that Gods blessing should not be denied to them by any quirk of fate.

It is not uncommon for tourists to pose with them for a modern-day ‘selfie photograph’.  Such is the popularity with which this couple are held in their daily visits to the ‘Angel’ of all parks.

I said this story was based on actual events and so it is.

I observed a gypsy woman standing adrift of the fountain and the old couple, poorly dressed, a little bedraggled, motionless, looking transfixed at the old couple at a respectable distance, holding a baby.

As the sun shone brightly down from the blue sky and children sped by on their bicycles and skateboards, businessmen strolled taking calls on their cellphones, I must tell you – I must tell you that this was a quite extraordinary moment.

The old couple had not yet tossed a coin into the fountain.

The gypsy woman approached the old couple and handed them a silver coin, a larger one and much different from the one they throw in their usual ritual.

The gypsy woman never spoke.  She could not speak.

The little sleeping baby was cradled in her arms.

There was a look of acceptance and mission in the eyes of the gypsy woman.

The old couple took the large silver coin and tossed it freely into the flowing waters of the fountain.

I cannot fully explain what happened next and what I observed but I swear as God is my witness that it happened before my eyes.

There was no sudden flash of light, no descending mist, no haze, no storm, no inexplicable phenomena to explain how the old couple were now suddenly young again like the young lovers they were fifty years ago.

And here they were, cast back in time with a young baby held lovingly in the arms of its mother, angelic, if ever a child could be.

The gypsy woman was still there, smiling reticently at the apparent pleasure of the old couple.

But then she faded away and it was like she was a figment of my imagination.  The gypsy woman had never been there at all.

The remarkable thing is that an old American couple posed with the happy young couple and the baby in arms for a ‘selfie photograph’ they would later post on social media and to the world.

I said I was part of this story.  It was evocative and emotional to witness what I saw.

And I cried.  I tell you honestly.  I cried.

The couple had finally received Gods blessing.

That is not, of course, the end of the story.  Not quite anyway.

The old couple, now young again and truly blessed, continued each day to return to the Angel Fountain, throw a silver coin in its waters and show the humblest grace and grattitude for the blessing of their good fortune.

How odd that when some days later, I spotted that picture on social media, I saw in the background of the image an old gypsy woman who seemed familiar and angelic.

I am the story-teller.

I am so glad that I was there to live that extraordinary moment and share with you the splendour of the story.


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