Let us take a look in this lesson at adjective-preposition collocation.

This means making a sentence where you join together an adjective and a preposition.

Most but not all the examples use the gerund format of –ing.

Practice these examples:

I am very good at telling stories

I am not bad at drawing pictures

I am really interested in studying Roman history

I often get emotional about having a birthday party

I get stressed about taking an examination

I am really proud of achieving so many things in my life

I am finished with doing my homework,

Sometimes I get worried about getting old

I get upset with people when they are rude

One thing I am afraid of is coming into contact with spiders

I am tired of walking a long distance to work

I am addicted to playing computer games

I am very disappointed with not seeing you

I am very disappointed about losing

I like listening to music

The city of Venice is famous for its canals

Boys get more excited about playing computer games than girls

My friend has been accused of stealing

Michael Jordan is associated with the number twenty three

The film was based on a true story

I am bored with doing the same old job

The city is crowded with people

A man should be faithful to his wife

I am familiar with that place

I am suitable for the job vacancy

I am shocked by hearing the sudden news

I am sensitive to receiving criticism

War is responsible for causing a lot of misery

I am optimistic about winning the race

He is used to ironing his own shirts

She is interested in becoming a doctor

He was involved in making a movie

Muhammed Ali is remembered for being the greatest


Enjoy the English Lesson!


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