Science has been a passion of mine since childhood.

It  is such a fascinating subject, full of amazing discovery and invention.

Science, for sure, gives everyone the knowledge to live in a better, safer, healthier world.

Science faces the challenge of the ever curious, questioning mind.

It gives us the opportunity to explore the life on earth of humans, animals and plants while also understanding where things come from, how they are made and how they work..

As a child, my favourite most prized possession was not a dinky car or a soldier fort or a bagatelle board (all of which I had) but a telescope which I inherited from my late grandfather.

Still to this day, I use it to look into the night sky and enjoy the delights of everything I see.

There are, of course, very many different fields of scientific study.

Physics, biology, chemistry, geography and technology are just some of them.

Science has certainly come a long way over the centuries and mankind owes a great debt of grattitude to the likes of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell amongst many others.

I suppose you can call all of them my pop (popular) idols in the Historical Hall of Fame depicted by the posters on my bedroom wall alongside Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise and Lionel Messi.

Nevertheless, there are still many problems and mysteries existing on earth not yet solved.

In a way, that is the beauty of science.

Scientists strive through experiments and trials to search for solutions to the diseases, viruses, earthquakes, landslides, storms and volcanic eruptions which plague the planet.

Those great scientists of the past have brought us the electronic light bulb, refrigerators, motor cars, plumbing for water, engineering feats, television, animation, anti-biotic medicine, the internet and smartphones, all of which play a dramatic and meaningful role in all of our lives.

The world of science is always evolving and today there are new trends.

Unmanned space travel, robots, stem cells and DNA genetics, advancement in technology, renewable energy sources, conservation of endangered animals and getting to grips with climate exchange are but a few of those trends.

The buzz-words like biodiversity, deforestation, clinical trials, natural habitat, ozone layer, flying saucers and extra-terrestial life on another planet drive forward my own curiosity and quest to know what a scientist needs to know.

And every one of us is at heart a scientist.

I may be ‘long in the tooth’ and decades of abivalent living have aged me five-fold beyond the wimp I once was.

Thank you for taking the chance to read this.

Thank you for coming into my scientific world.

So What is Science?

Does anybody know?

Alas, now, I cannot wait for my next science lesson.

Discoveries in Science make for a wonderful world



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