This is a simple dialogue to practice talking about age.

Before we start, let us look at some of the WRONG answers to the question ‘How old are you?’

My old is eleven                      (wrong)

Me old eleven                         (wrong)

I eleven old                             (wrong)

I eleven age                             (wrong)

Mine age is eleven                   (wrong)

My age eleven                         (wrong)

Me age eleven                         (wrong)

Eleven old me                         (wrong)

Me old age eleven                   (wrong)

I age eleven                             (wrong)

I old eleven                             (wrong)

I be eleven                               (wrong)

Me be eleven                           (wrong)


How old are you?

I am eleven years old

When were you born?

I was born in the year nineteen seventy seven

What is your birthday?

My birthday is the twelfth day of March

Where were you born?

I was born in Jakarta Indonesia

So are you young or old?

I am still young

How many years have you lived?

I have lived for eleven years

When did you start to live?

I started to live eleven years ago

Since when have you been living?

I have been living since the year nineteen seventy seven

When do you have a birthday?

I have a birthday every year

Do you celebrate your birthday?

Yes I do.  Of course.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

I have a party

Tell me, what is your age?

My age is eleven

So you are aged eleven years old?

Yes I am

What happened eleven years ago?

I was born from my mother’s tummy

How do you feel about getting old?

Getting older is okay but getting old is not.  It sucks.

What is age?

Age is just a number.

How does age make you feel?

As old as the hills sometimes or as young as the day I was born.

What day is it today?

Today is Tuesday

What date is it today?

It’s the Eleventh of March

Is it your birthday tomorrow?

Yes it is

How old will you be tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will be twelve years old

Congratulations!  Have a happy birthday and a wonderful day!

Thank you Sir.



The use of ‘are you’ as a question and ‘I am’ to reply

the negative reply of ‘I am not’ or ‘I’m not’

the use of ‘is it’ as a question and ‘yes it is’ to reply

The negative reply of either ‘no it’s not’ OR ‘no it isn’t’ OR ‘no it is not’

practice questions and answers using ‘old’ and ‘age’

practice and memorise the use of ‘for’ ‘since’ and ‘ago’ in the use of sentences talking about age

recognize that day and date are different

always answer the question

learn your numbers are both cardinal and ordinal for the days of the month (upto thirty one)

keep in mind the examples of wrong sentences and avoid writing or saying them




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