This is an English language lesson to help you understand about Extreme Adjectives.

There are two types of adjectives.

They are Base and Extreme Adjectives.

There are basic rules:

‘Absolutely’ cannot be used with ordinary base adjectives

Extreme Adjectives cannot be preceded by ‘very’ or in the comparative  using ‘even’

‘Very’ can be used with some extreme adjectives

They are our introduction examples:

BASE ADJECTIVE               The man is very angry.

EXTREME ADJECTIVE      The man is absolutely furious

COMPARATIVE                   The man is even more furious than the woman


BASE ADJECTIVE               The floor is very dirty

EXTREME ADJECTIVE      The floor is extremely filthy

COMPARATIVE                   The floor is even filthier than yesterday


These are the words we are going to use in our main examples:

cold,freezing               big/enormous               tasty/delicious             hungry/starving



it is cold

it is very cold

it is really cold

it is really very cold

it is very really cold (wrong)

it is quite cold

it is absolutely cold (wrong)


it is freezing

it is very freezing (wrong)

it is freezing cold

it is quite freezing (wrong)

it is really freezing

it is absolutely freezing


it is even colder than yesterday

it is even freezing (inside the porch)

it is even more freezing than yesterday

it is even freezing than yesterday (wrong)



The dinosaur is big

The dinosaur is very big

The dinosaur is really big

The dinosaur is quite big

The dinosaur is extremely big

The dinosaur is absolutely big (wrong)


The dinosaur is enormous

The dinosaur is very enormous (wrong)

The dinosaur is really enormous

The dinosaur is quite enormous (wrong)

The dinosaur is extremely enormous (wrong)

The dinosaur is absolutely enormous



The food is tasty

The food is very tasty

The food is quite tasty

The food is really quite tasty

The food is extremely tasty

The food is surprisingly tasty

The food is absolutely tasty (wrong)


The food is delicious

The food is very delicious

The food is deliciously tasty

The food is really delicious

The food is extremely delicious

The food is absolutely delicious




I am hungry

I am very hungry

I am quite hungry

I am really hungry

I am extremely hungry

I am absolutely hungry (wrong)


I am starving

I am very starving (wrong)

I am really starving

I am extremely starving (wrong)(

I am quite starving (wrong)

I am absolutely starving



Practice all the sentences in this lesson to improve your fluency in speaking English and learn the base form and extreme form of adjectives



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